I've worked at the intersection of marketing and technology for two decades, but I've never been more excited than I am now at the possibilities presented by voice-enabled devices and UI. That excitement has allowed me to help people and brands understand how to leverage this new technology effectively. As a result, my Alexa clients include a "Who's Who" of digital content creators alongside smart businesses that are just starting out.


I'm very blessed to work with some truly amazing people


Matt Miller

Founder, School Spirit Vending

Chris Brogan

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Danny "Sunshine" Bauer

Host of Better Leaders, Better Schools

Aaron Walker

Author of The Mastermind Blueprint

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Amazon Flash Briefings Rock

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"Over 2,000 Downloads The First Week...With No Marketing!"

Aaron Walker, The Mastermind Blueprint

Aaron Walker ISI Mastermind Blueprint
Matt Miller Sowing Seed

"62% Of My Traffic Now Comes From My Alexa Flash Briefing."

Matt Miller, Sowing Seed Flash Briefing


"I Booked Four New Speeches Because People Heard Me On Alexa."

Dave Sanderson, Dave Sanderson Declassified

Dave Sanderson Speaks

Your brand needs an Alexa Flash Briefing.

Little Competition

Little Competition

While there are over 36 million Alexa devices in homes and businesses, there are only a few thousand Flash Briefings.

All demographics

All demographics

Unlike previous technology, people over the age 50 like Alexa and are not afraid to use it daily.

Better engagement

Better engagement

Flash Briefings are fast-growing, short and daily. That means more chances to connect with your audience.

Don't hesitate

Don't hesitate

This is the opportunity you'll be kicking yourself over in a few years if you don't get started now.

Silver Package

Sold Out

Sold Out

  • Alexa Guy coaches you through setup
  • Alexa Guy does all coding
  • Thoroughly test Flash Briefing
  • Shepherd through approval process
  • Includes Alexa Guy Premium Hosting

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Platinum Package

$2799 USD

$149 USD per month

  • Everything in Gold, plus:
  • Alexa Guy does everything for you
  • Alexa Guy posts/schedules your episodes
  • 3 hours of coaching/consultation
  • Videograms for YouTube & Instagram
  • Automated transcripts for SEO
  • 4 Free Localizations
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"There's not a faster way to build a large audience than with Alexa Guy. I got 2,000 downloads my first week. Before we even started marketing!"

Aaron Walker – Host, The Mastermind Blueprint

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