The new, simple way to explode your business with daily Micro-Podcasts

Hi, I’m Jeff Smith and I’ve been working with podcasts and podcasters for over a decade.

You probably already know that podcasts are replacing traditional media as the main source for entertainment and information. And the fastest growing segment of podcasting is short-form. In fact, they account for more than 10% of all downloads.

Testimonials From Happy Customers

Dont’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Since setting that up, my downloads have increase almost 60%. It’s giving me an entirely new audience.” 

Matt Miller

School Spirit Vending

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about this. Jeff was awesome. I’ve had over 300 downloads in about a week.”

Jen Bengal

Out of This World Literacy

It’s totally worth checking out, and I’m so grateful for your help, Jeff. I’ve got a lot of people I need to send your way!”

Chris Brogan

Best-selling Author & Keynote Speaker


Create Content 

If you’re not engaging your audience and followers on a daily basis, many experts say you’re wasting time. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk says all businesses should now be posting content 8-15 times per day!


Daily Podcasts without ever speaking a word

Voice cloning can make your daily podcasts easier to produce. We’re pioneers in voice-cloning for podcasts and can help you get set up quickly and easily.


Daily scripts that seem to 
write themselves

We can help you create custom prompts to write AI scripts with the closest match to your Brand Voice possible. We help you create authenticity not possible with AI alone.


Turn your podcasts into eye-popping 
daily video

We’re big believers in the idea of having your content in front of your audience however they want to consume it. And daily animated videos based on your podcasts are a great way to do that. This allows audio-only podcasts to be shared on YouTube and TikTok.