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Alexa Flash Briefings: An Overview

“Alexa, give me my flash briefing.”

Every day, owners of Echo Devices get their quick dose of news, sports and weather by saying a phrase like “Alexa, what’s the news?”

Alexa then plays news from Reuters, Fox News or CNN along with the user’s weather forecast. Then she’ll continue, playing short podcasts the user has chosen to hear. This provides an opportunity for your brand to benefit from three big advantages:

  • Your message is elevated to the level of big media,
  • Listeners don’t have to remember to go to your podcast, it just starts playing when they check the news,
  • While there are 36 million Echo devices in homes, there are only a few thousand Flash Briefings on the Amazon Skill Store.

Alexa Flash Briefings: Shorter Content Is King

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own podcast, but the idea of producing an hour-long show every week seemed like too much work, say hello to the 1-2 minute podcast.

Flash briefings work better as “Daily Tips” or “Quick Bites” than in-depth interviews. In fact, according to Alexa rules, they have to be short and regular. So instead of an hour a week, you’re producing a minute a day.

And thanks to modern technology, you can even record a few dozen one minute shows on your mobile phone and schedule them, letting you take care of a month’s worth of shows in less time than it takes to produce two standard podcasts.

Many of my early adopter clients have created entirely new podcasts for this medium, while others like to pull “Best of” soundbites and interviews from their long-form podcasts to drive traffic to their business.

Every day, tens of millions of Amazon Echo users get their news headlines from Alexa, but now your brand can tag along for the ride.

It’s a gold rush right now because there are so many Echo devices out there and so little custom content. This is your opportunity to grow your audience…fast. In two years, it’s the thing you’ll be kicking yourself over for not getting in now.