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Alexa Works With Popular To Do List Software.

I love a list. And a few weeks ago, I told the folks in my private Facebook Group about setting up reminders and lists in Alexa. But most of us already have a great workflow with another app and don’t want to switch. 

But that’s okay, because if you use any of the following apps, you can use Alexa to help work with them more easily. 

  • AnyList
  • Cozi Lists
  • Picniic
  • Todoist 
  • Wunderlist

Set Up Your App in Alexa

  • Just open your Alexa app on your mobile phone and go to “Settings.” 
  • Scroll down to find “Lists.”
  • Choose your software
  • Login and follow the login steps to link it to your Alexa. 

After set is complete, just say “Alexa, add [item] to my [list name],” or “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list today?”

Important Note For Wunderlist Users

You have preface each request with “Ask Wunder Link,” like “Alexa, ask Wunder Link to add [item] to my [name] list.”

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