Get Instant Listeners To Your Flash Briefing!

Up until now, it just wasn’t possible for listeners to simply speak a command and have Alexa play your Flash Briefing, right? Not anymore! Now, your listeners can play your Flash Briefing with one simple command.

I’m so excited to announce this groundbreaking new way to invoke your briefing by a direct request to Alexa. It removes the friction of enabling your skill before they listen for the first time. 

It’s never been available before now, and it’s an Alexa Guy exclusive. And it works for podcasts, too!

That’s right, you can now provide an Alexa command that users can speak to instantly play your Flash Briefing’s latest episode, even if they haven’t enabled it.

I’m calling it “FASTFlash” and it’s going to allow you to market your Alexa Flash briefing in ways never before possible, such as:

Podcast Guest

When guesting on a podcast, mention your briefing and say:

“To hear my Flash Briefing, just say ‘Alexa, open [Briefing Name].'”

Social Media

Give a short description of today’s show and include the FASTFlash command.


Include your FASTFlash command on all of your marketing materials, next to your Facebook logo.

Business Cards

Add your FASTFlash command to your business card, allowing a user to just ask for your briefing.

Email Signature

Include your FASTFlash command in your email signature alongside your other contact info.

And FASTFlash works for long-form podcasts, as well. Your user just says “Alexa, open [podcast name]” and your podcast starts playing immediately.

Pause, Play & Listen to Previous Episodes Too!

Your listeners can even pause and play by saying, “Alexa, pause” and “Alexa, resume.” They can also listen to previous episodes by saying, “Alexa, previous.”

FASTFlash for Alexa Only

$299 $199

FASTFlash for Google Home Only

$299 $199

FASTFlash for Podcast Only

$299 $199

FASTFlash for Alexa & Google Home

$499 $299

FASTFlash for Alexa & Podcast

$499 $299

FASTFlash for Alexa, Google & Podcast

$699 $399

Don’t miss these introductory prices because they will never be available again. Stake your claim for your brand on Alexa and Google to begin marketing your briefing to a bigger audience…more easily.