Automated Blog-to-Speech by Alexa Guy

Headliner is an easy to way to turn Alexa Flash Briefings into video.

Want to share your Flash Briefings on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter?

Videos perform so well these days in social media that it’s a shame you can’t easily create a professional-quality video to make your Flash Briefing YouTube-friendly.

Well, now you can with a free, web-based service called Headliner. Here’s how it works…

I spent about 30 minutes with this tool and I think that it’s a great addition to your social media marketing strategy for your Flash Briefing.

It only took me a few minutes to produce this square, Instagram-ready video from Stacy Tuschl’s recent Flash Briefing, featuring her branding and an animated wave form. You can also create landscape versions for websites or iPhone screen-ratio for Facebook or Instagram Stories.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, it also creates an automated transcription of your show and can pull in relevant images from Getty Images to create a “Ken Burns”-like slideshow.

So, check it out and see if it makes send for your Flash Briefing. It’s free (at least for now) and gives you a dynamic way to share your Flash Briefings on social media.