A Complete Podcasting Platform

With Podbean, you can create professional podcasts in minutes without any programming knowledge. Their user-friendly interface allows you to upload, publish, manage and promote your podcasts with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just point, click and execute. How easy is that? [Setup Instructions]


A Professional Studio In Your Mobile Phone

Check out Bossjock Studio (iPhone/iPad) and Easy Voice Recorder Pro (Android) to make it easy to create and publish rich audio productions on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Production is quick and easy. Hit record, trigger the mic and go. Recordings are podcast ready, no need for post production.

Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball Microphones

Create unparalleled recordings directly in your computer with either a Yeti or Snowball USB Microphone by Blue. The Yeti uses Blue Microphone’s proprietary tri-capsule technology to produce pristine, studio-quality recordings. The Snowball features industry-leading Blue condenser capsule technology to deliver natural sound directly to your desktop.

Listen To Others’ Flash Briefings For Inspiration

Echo and other Alexa devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

Full Disclosure

I have affiliate relationships with Podbean, iTunes and Amazon and I’m compensated on each item sold through these links. But I personally use everything I recommend and believe in their quality and ease-of-use completely. These would be my recommendations whether I had an affiliate relationship or not.

You are free to use any podcast host you prefer, such as Libsyn or Blubrry. There are some great free alternatives to BossJock, like Garageband and Audacity. And feel free to use the headset microphone on your phone for a free alternative to the microphones.