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For decades, we’ve experienced near infinite search results. You’d enter a search term and Google returns millions of results for each search. That search for “How to make Alexa read books to you” returned over 122 million results. And look whose site it comes from.

The goal for Marketers and businesses has been: Get to Position #1 (or as close as possible), forcing businesses and people to spend lots of time and money on SEO voodoo

And all of this was just to try to drive traffic to your website

But even if you’ve been lucky enough to get to #1, now it’s broken and less important.

Because anyone can buy the position above you with  Google ads.

Also, Google recently started “Position Zero” with Answer Boxes and other content that appears above the first result.

This means your results keep getting pushed further and further down and it’s harder to get people to click to your website. 

How bad is it? Take a look at this video.

This is actually from a search on my phone for the question, “What is SEO”

After all that, there’s the unlucky person who worked so hard to get to number one!

In fact, as we move toward using more voice search and more mobile search, a single result is all that matters. 

For bricks and mortar businesses, Google Maps and online ordering becomes more important than traditional search or websites. Owning all mentions of your brands  – whether product or service – is paramount.

But there’s even another – and potentially bigger – problem your business faces…

According to a study conducted in June of this 2019, 49% of all Google Searches result in no clicks.

Think about that for a moment…

People are spending a lot of money on their website, a lot of money on ads, a lot of money on SEO…but they’re getting pushed further and further down and getting clicked less.

But now let me show you how to use that to your advantage.

Time Is Running Out On This One-Time Deal

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Let’s look at a page of one of my clients to see what a Knowledge Panel is and how it can help your business.

If you live around Battlefield Missouri and want some work on your home, my friend Aaron Wyssmann is the man you need to speak to. 

So in the past, if you looked up Ozarks Remodeling, you’d see his website there (assuming competitors hadn’t bought ads to push his result down). Then they’d click his link…

And go to his very nice website, where you’d find info about his company. 

  • How to contact him
  • His hours
  • Blog posts
  • Images of prior jobs 
  • And happy customer testimonials. 

You can even chat with someone on his team.

But remember when I said that 49% of all Google searches result in no clicks? What can Aaron do to reach the other half the people who search but don’t visit his website?

Let’s take a look at how his search results look now with Aaron’s Knowledge Panel in place.

Same search results, but what catches your eye? I see the big box with pictures to the right before anything else.

Now people can find all the same information on his website without clicking through to his site. 

It’s hosted by Google and most of it is controllable by Aaron’s team to keep the information up-to-date. 

Just like his website, his Knowledge panel lets his potential clients do the same things:

  • Contact him
  • See his hours
  • Read his blog posts
  • See Images of prior jobs 
  • And see happy customer testimonials. 

They can even chat with someone on his team… right from the search results page. 

Plus, they can get directions and send the Knowledge Panel to their mobile phone. 

Here’s what that looks like. 

They can browse the same info as in their Knowledge Panel … and even start navigation.

And it keeps getting better. Let’s say someone looks you up on Google Maps…

Same auto-filling of business name as on regular Google search. And his Knowledge Panel appears on the left side of the map. And you can share the results or – once again – send them to your phone.

Now… let’s see what happens on Google Assistant on your phone. This is the same results you’d see in on a Google device, too.

“Hey Google, tell me about Ozarks Remodeling & Design” 

You get a compressed version of your Knowledge Panel. Just tap it and it opens up to give you all the same info from your Knowledge Panel.

Are you starting to see why I say these are even more important than your website?

Time Is Running Out On This One-Time Deal

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Now… let’s try that with an author Knowledge Panel. My wife is an author with two published books. 

Hey Google, tell me about “Sebrina Zerkus Smith.” 

Once again, you get summary information that if you tap it, it expands to her full Knowledge Panel. 

It shows the info on her books and her social sites and many of her blog posts. And if you click one of the books, it goes to that book’s Knowledge Panel.

So let’s take a look at the different kinds of knowledge panels there are.

There are Author Knowledge Panels, which showcase books, social media links, biographical information and more. Best of all, the books click through to their own Knowledge Panels.

Author Knowledge Panels are available on Search, on Google Home and on Google Assistant

Book Knowledge Panels offer reviews, blurbs, and purchase information. Book Knowledge Panels click through to the author’s Knowledge Panel.

Book Knowledge Panels are available on Search, on Google Home and on Google Assistant.

An important note is that there is currently no claiming ability yet on Book or Product Knowledge Panels, but you can suggest changes

We’ve already covered Business Knowledge Panels, which for bricks and mortar or virtual businesses, product-based or service-based. 

Business Knowledge Panels are available on Search, on Google Assistant, Google Home and Google Maps (For Bricks and mortar businesses)

Finally, there are Band & Artist Knowledge Panels, which showcase links to official channels, music purchase, concert events and more.

Band and Artist Knowledge Panels are available on Search, on Google Home and on Google Assistant

What to Do Right Now!

So what should you be doing right now?

You need me to create, claim and optimize your Knowledge Panels. So I’m offering this special deal on getting your own Knowledge Panel.

Creating and managing Knowledge Panels for my consulting clients starts at $2,999, but I wanted to find a way to offer this to the people who helped me build Alexa Guy. Entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, podcasters and small businesses.

It’s called the Knowledge Panel Power Pack, and it’s a complete, “done for you” program for smaller clients that puts you ahead of your competition.

It’s a focused package aimed at one thing… to get your Knowledge Panel created, claimed and optimized as quickly as possible.

And it includes an hour of one-on-one coaching with em to teach you to manage your brand’s Knowledge Panels once I’ve created them for you.

The Knowledge Panel Power Pack is priced at $2,999

Let’s compare that to… 

  • $3,500-7,500 for a website, 
  • Thousands for SEO
  • Hundreds Every year for plugins & hosting

But when you invest in the Knowledge Panel Power Pack today, you won’t pay $2,999  

In fact, you won’t pay $1,999 Or even $1,499. 

When you order today, you’ll get everything for just $1,299 

Plus, when you order today, I’ll include that special bonus of 1-on-1 Knowledge Panel management coaching with me.

Let’s look at that again…

  • The Knowledge Panel Power value is $2,999
  • The value for the bonus is $699
  • But instead of paying $3,698…

I’m offering the everything for $1,299

But… Here’s today’s special bonus…

If you allow me to use your results as case study or testimonial, I’ll give you the Knowledge Panel Power Pack for only $999. Just check the box on on the landing page when ordering

Once again, compare that to…

  • $3,500-7,500 for a website, 
  • Thousands for SEO
  • Hundreds Every year for plugins & hosting

Instead, you’re getting something that will perform better for you in every way.

And the complete package and bonus are only $999.

But after 48 hours, this offer will be over and won’t be repeated ever again. 

So please take a moment right now to invest in the Knowledge Panel Power Pack.

Time Is Running Out On This One-Time Deal

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