Gay Cruise Custom Skill – Phase 1, Payment 3


Third and final payment for Phase 1 of the Gay Travel Custom Alexa Flash Briefing.  Payment is for 25% ($2,500) of total is due prior to deployment.

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The goal of this project is to develop a custom Alexa app that will allow a user to find their dream vacation or cruise. The app will target the LGBTQ demographic. The project will be created in stages, first as a Minimally Viable Product in English only. Additional functionality will be added in stages, as will additional languages and locales.

The initial stage will present a series of questions in English that are used to create the perfect cruise or vacation.

An admin panel will be built, allowing the client to change the offers or advertisements easily.

The system will be built in PHP, CSS3, MySQL & JS and will utilize Amazon’s DynamoDB database systems. Hosting of files and database will be on Amazon AWS servers using Amazon’s CloudFront technology for maximum availability and speed.