Submit Flash Briefing or Podcast to Bullhorn


Submit Alexa Flash Briefing or Podcast to Bullhorn through their developer program and shepherd it through the approval process.

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Submit podcast to Bullhorn podcast player and see double-digit audience growth.

There’s a new podcast player called Bullhorn that’s bringing great traffic to my clients who are using it. Its unique feature is that people can call a local number to listen to their favorite podcasts and save their data minutes. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have big data plans, and it’s limiting your potential audience.

I’ve been testing it with a few clients and we’re seeing double-digit month-over-month audience growth immediately. In many cases, established podcasts are doubling their traffic. In other cases, Bullhorn is actually beating iTunes in plays and listeners.

You should check out their app on iTunes or Google Play and take the time to submit your show to them.

But I know a lot of folks don’t have the time to submit podcast to Bullhorn, so if you’d rather have it done for you, I’ve joined Bullhorn’s developer program and I can submit your podcast and/or Alexa Flash Briefing for a one-time fee of $25 per podcast/Flash Briefing.