Automated Blog-to-Speech by Alexa Guy

While the nature of Alexa Flash Briefings is to send lots of new traffic and leads to you through the Amazon Skill Store, you can also share it to your existing audience and potential new users, as well.

The quickest way to market your Flash Briefing is directly through the Amazon Alexa mobile phone app, which includes the option to send a text or email, post to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Above, you’ll see Jeff McMahon’s DailyFit Flash Briefing as it’s shared on Facebook.

In the top right corner of the first screen, you’ll see a standard “Share” icon. 

Just clicking the icon will allow you to choose from several options for sharing his Flash Briefing. (This might look different based on the device you use or how you have sharing configured):

Select the way you want to share and it will pre-populate the message window. Edit as you want, add a personal message and send it away.

Share Your Briefing Extra Credit Tip

Add a short video of yourself using the Flash Briefing to show how easy it is to use and to make the message more powerful.

This is a quick and easy way to drive traffic to your Flash Briefing from your Facebook Groups, email lists and social connections.