Automated Blog-to-Speech by Alexa Guy

This week, I spoke with some folks who had been very excited about doing a Flash Briefing. But then when it came time to sign up, they said they needed to wait because they were working on…

  • Their blog strategy,
  • Their Facebook Live posts,
  • Their Instagram outreach,
  • Their LinkedIn posts,
  • Their book or course.

Now, don’t get me wrong as you read this post. All of these platforms are important and you should spend time developing the ones that are right for your business. They all perform well and offer real results if you work them.

But…and this is a BIG BUT…don’t focus on the big marketing platform of 2016, or 2012 or 2010 to the detriment of a platform you can dominate now and in the coming years. Why would you delay the biggest marketing platform of the future to focus on marketing platforms that are already really crowded?

Gary Vaynerchuk didn’t become a huge star on podcasts because he waited to focus on his blog strategy first. He got into podcasting early.

Pat Flynn didn’t become a six-figure per year course creator and marketer because he delayed getting into course building to focus on Twitter. He got into course creation and marketing early.

And you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to dominate in voice marketing  so you can instead focus on the big marketing platforms of the past.

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@alexaguy” hidden_hashtags=”#voice #alexa” display_mode=”box”]Within 3 years, voice will be the primary way most people interact with technology.[/tweetthis]

Alexa is poised to be the biggest disrupter since the iPhone.

Pretend this is 2008 and the iPhone has just recently been released. Only a few million people own it so far. In hindsight, would you prefer to have focused on apps and the mobile web or on MySpace marketing? Because that was the big social network at the time and most of America was still believing they would never own an iPhone.

Gary Vee says of Alexa Flash Briefings…

“The ones who act early and provide real value are destined to succeed.”


Ask yourself this…

  • Do you think your podcast will beat the other 500K podcasts on iTunes?
  • Do you think your blog will break through the noise to get your voice above the others?
  • Do you think your book will be a real bestseller?

Any of those things might come true, and I hope they do for you. But I can guarantee that if you set up a Flash Briefing, provide great content and publish it everyday, you will grow an audience fast. And if you do it now, you’ll have a head start on the platform that will be bigger than Facebook, bigger than LinkedIn and even bigger than the iPhone.

I believe this so much that I’ve moved from mobile app work to full-time Alexa development. I believe it would be foolish to do anything else.

So, I’d suggest that you do your new podcast, write everyday and post updates to LinkedIn or Facebook. 

But do those things after you’ve secured your place on voice. This is where your focus should be. If you wait a year to get started, it will be a much more crowded place and you’ll be playing catch-up all over again.

Don’t be that person.