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About Chris Brogan

Who Is Chris Brogan In His Own Words

If you asked others, they’d say I’m some kind of social media guy. I am a business designer. That means I help professionals do the work they want. I provide courses and live events and the like as CEO and president of Human Business Works. It’s work, only better.
I was born in Maine and have spent more than half my life in Massachusetts. My home is in northern Massachusetts, about an hour north of Boston. I have two wonderful kids (girl and a boy), and a wonderful girlfriend that keeps me going.

What Do I Do?

As I said, I run a publishing and media company that focuses on business design. We work with professionals in any size company (from solo to 80K employees). That takes the shape of providing online courses, live keynote events, in-person education and events. And I write books. That’s it in a nutshell.

I speak professionally, and have keynoted several events over the last few years. What I love the most about speaking is connecting with people and sharing ideas in a more two-way setting. It’s very different from blogging in that regard. (My speaker bio is here).
I also write. I’m a New York Times Bestselling co-author of The Impact Equation, which I cowrote the same way I did Trust Agents, along with Julien Smith. I also wrote Social Media 101 and Google+ for Business.
I blog at [chrisbrogan.com], where I find ways to help you improve your business and yourself.
Back in the day, I cofounded PodCamp with Christopher S. Penn. It’s an event series about media making.
People always ask me how I make money. I make money through my companies, through speaking, through affiliate sales, through my book deals, through writing deals, and through partnerships.
Let me know if you need any more.
Contact Me Here

Where Am I Online?

What’s Interesting to Me?

To me, the most interesting part of what I do is helping people understand how these tools let us be human at a distance, and/or humans extended. Computers were never about solving some kind of software challenge. I didn’t want to hack them. I didn’t even want them to make beautiful art. I wanted to reach out and communicate. We had a modem, a very slow modem, but it opened the world of bulletin board services (bbs) up to me. Then, AOL/Prodigy/CompuServ. It was exciting.
And now? That’s exactly what I do all the time. I help companies learn to be human at a distance for their business communications needs. It’s the most fulfilling work I’ve ever had, as there are so many ways to apply it. It’s the best time to be into what I’m into, because I love humans, and I’m now in the position to help humans connect meaningfully.

What Else?

You know me. I’m interactive. I have no idea what else you think people would want to know about me as a jumping-on point. If this were the post you sent to a friend while trying to explain who I was or what I do, what would you add to this?

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