Here’s a look at what you can expect in the process of getting your Alexa Flash Briefing set up.

What you’ll need to fill out the form:

  • The title of the Micro-Podcast
  • A short description (less than 180 characters) of the podcast
  • A full description of the podcast
  • Keywords for the subject of your podcast
  • Don’t stress over the title, descriptions and keywords. We’ll work together on this. Just give me an idea of the messaging of your business to get us started.
  • We’ll also need to create your cover art once we have a title. I’ve attached a few examples from my other other clients below.
  • My team will create/optimize all titles, descriptions, keywords
  • You will provide me with one test episode, and I’ll provide feedback
  • I’ll create the tech and test thoroughly
  • I’ll submit it for approval
  • If needed, I’ll make all changes necessary to get it approved if there are issues from Apple, Google, Spotify or Alexa
  • Everything should be complete within 2-3 weeks of my receiving the info above