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Worried About Alexa Listening All The Time? You’re Not That Interesting!

Alexa & Your Privacy Privacy. Every time I’m a guest on a podcast talking about Alexa, I’m always asked THAT question…”but what about Alexa recording everything you say?” Since the 20th century, technology has always offered some form of trade-off of convenience vs. privacy, and Alexa is no different. But there’s not enough computing power in the world for Alexa to be constantly monitoring everything you say. Not only that, 99% of it would be Read more…

alexa speakerphone

How To Use Alexa As A Speakerphone

Alexa is the Perfect Speakerphone. Looking for a smart speakerphone? Most people know that Alexa is a great piece of technology for the home, but she’s also the perfect tool for making you more productive at work. Today, we’re going to look at making phone calls and sending text message with simple commands. You don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket, tap anything or swipe anything. Your hands can continue working on Read more…

auphonic alexa flash briefing

Using Auphonic To Improve Your Alexa Flash Briefing Audio

Auphonic is an amazing tool that will improve your audio’s quality at the touch of a few buttons. And most of it’s free! My clients know that I’m a guy who wants to help them get up and running with their Alexa Flash Briefings as quickly as possible. I often say that there’s plenty of time to learn about microphones and mixers and all the fun toys that come with audio production, but if you Read more…

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Now You Can Enable Flash Briefings By Voice. This Is A Total Game Changer!

When Amazon initially rolled out Flash Briefings, they had two features that were taken away after a few months: 1) Video Flash Briefing creation and 2) Enabling Flash Briefing by voice. In fact, you may have seen these if you are a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. His was one of the first Flash Briefings, which featured (and still features) video. He also has a video where he says “Alexa, add GaryVee 365 to my Flash Briefings.” Read more…

how to make alexa read kindle books

How To Make Alexa Read Kindle Books To You

It’s easy to make Alexa read Kindle books. She doesn’t sound as great a real audiobook being read by a professional actor, but there’s no monthly fee and it works for books if there is no audiobook version available The easiest way is just to say, “Alexa, read [Kindle Book Title] to me.” Any Kindle book in your library will work, including books you borrowed from libraries or friends. How to make Alexa read a Read more…

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Use Headliner To Create Shareable Videos Of Your Flash Briefings

Headliner is an easy to way to turn Alexa Flash Briefings into video. Want to share your Flash Briefings on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? Videos perform so well these days in social media that it’s a shame you can’t easily create a professional-quality video to make your Flash Briefing YouTube-friendly. Well, now you can with a free, web-based service called Headliner. Here’s how it works… I spent about 30 minutes with this tool and Read more…

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